About Us

EastSons' Group Comprises of various Social & Information Technology Services with each vertical working autonomously. We solely believe in ideology of Profit sharing rather Profit Making only. We have generated processes which are self sustaining and delivering the objective to make the living of people more easy and happy.

EastSons' IT: An initiative to promote the usage of web and make lives easier for masses led to the establishment of this company. We believe in extending a helping hand to all the businesses that wants to make themselves visible on web by providing them with the best tools. With strong roots in design & development, we have tied up with businesses all across the globe and help them in weaving their web dreams into realities.

EastSons' GoodWorks: This is a total social oriented cause where we are trying to provide Street Children a Platform to connect and study with other regular school children. This is a nonprofit organization and surviving on the earning of ES-IT and voluntary contributions by our very warm participants.

EastSons' HINDU: We also do provide various Spiritual Services based on Vedic Scripts. Varanasi/Banaras being the origin of thought of starting ES Group, certainly believes in the local ideology and offering the same services to those living apart but sharing Hindu Ideology of living.

Our Services

  • Website design & Development
  • Mobile App design & Development
  • Web Maintenance
  • Education
  • Medication
  • Charity
  • Vedic Lifestyle
  • Doctrines
  • Travel Sites